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A while ago, someone asked me a very good question. I think that it deserves its own post.


Here it is!


I lucked out on this question, because I think the series itself answers it beautifully, numerous times.

From the Sailor Stars Kaiteiban musical:


To be a Sailor Senshi is to fight to end fighting, to take the burden of battle upon themselves so others…


Alright guys I was able to narrow down your votes to a top ten, however that top ten wasn’t very decisive so I’ve made a poll for you guys to vote! You can choose multiple episodes (don’t pick them all though, make it somewhat fair) and you can vote every day. I don’t know how long I’ll leave it up (probably once I have a decent number of votes as well as a clear top ten), but I will let you know when I’ve taken it down and have started the gifsets!

So please go vote right now!


Fanart by BD134.

2014/06/30 by 雪なみ on pixiv